Predicting seizures before they happen (Study).

A new Irish study could lead to the creation of a “warning system” for people with epilepsy, alerting when a seizure is going to happen.

Researchers have found that a pattern of molecules appears in the blood before a seizure takes place.

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This discovery, experts believe, may lead to the development of an early alert system to enable those with epilepsy to know when they’re at risk of a seizure.

Researchers at FutureNeuro, the Science Foundation Ireland’s Research Centre for Chronic and Rare Neurological Diseases, hosted at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, led the study.

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It is published in the current edition of the ‘Journal of Clinical Investigation’.

“People with epilepsy often report one of the most difficult aspects of living with the disease is never knowing when a seizure will occur,” said Dr Marion Hogg, the lead author. “We hope our research will be a key first step toward developing an early warning system.”

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There are around 40,000 people with epilepsy in Ireland.


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