Pittsburgh: Alligator found in front of a garage.

A resident walking their dog in a Pittsburgh neighborhood found an unlikely creature on Thursday night – an alligator.

Officers in Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s Zone 6 responded to a report of a loose alligator at 9:55 p.m. Thursday in the area of Seabring Avenue near Rutherford Avenue.

“They confirmed that there was indeed an alligator in Beechview and called Animal Care & Control,” according to the police report. “Police kept the alligator at a safe distance while forming a perimeter around it to make sure the alligator did not run away or threaten neighbors. The alligator was agitated and hissing.”

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Officers and animal control were able to capture the alligator and take it to Humane Animal Rescue in the East End. No injuries were reported.

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The reptile is approximately five feet long.

It isn’t the only alligator to be capture in the Steel City. Another was captured last month near Southside Riverfront Park, according to police.

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“They require a warm climate and would not survive winter here,” according to the police report. “Commander Mike Pilyih, who responded to the Beechview alligator, said both cases are likely the result of people buying an alligator, raising it until it got too big to care for, and releasing it to the wild.”


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