nintendo switch
Shoppers can find the Nintendo Switch at Costco.
Getty Images/Michael Kovac

  • Costco offers a wide selection of tech gadgets, from computer accessories to gaming consoles to home security systems.
  • Some of the unexpected tech products you can find in Costco’s aisle include the Nintendo Switch, a Nest video doorbell, and wireless earbuds.
  • We rounded up 11 of the best gadgets you can snag at everybody’s favorite wholesale club.
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If you have a Costco membership, odds are you already know about the plethora of amazing goods you can buy in the wholesale club.

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From engagement rings to Kirkland-brand toilet paper and everything in between, the warehouse chain is known for its bargain prices and incredibly generous return policy. Even for its major appliances and electronics, Costco offers returns within 90 days of purchase.

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While most Costco shoppers have perused (or been distracted by) the aisles of gigantic televisions during their grocery trips, there are several other unexpected pieces of technology you can get in the store or online.

Here are 11 tech gadgets currently available at Costco that are worth your money.


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