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  • Rotten Tomatoes ranked all 67 “Game of Thrones” episodes.
  • Only one received a “rotten” rating.
  • The show averages a 94% critics rating for every episode.
  • This post contains spoilers for past seasons of “Game of Thrones.”
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“Game of Thrones” has always been beloved by both viewers and critics, and it’s won more than its fair share of awards. According to Entertainment Weekly, it even set a record in 2016 for winning the most Emmys of any primetime show with a whopping 38 statues.

But as good as the show is overall, critics do have their favorite seasons and episodes. Rotten Tomatoes (RT) compiled a ranking of all 67 episodes in seasons one through seven.

It turns out Critics love this show so much that 22 of the episodes have a perfect 100% score. To break ties in the ranking, RT used the number of critics reviews. The number one episode, for example, has a whopping 63 perfect reviews. 

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Read on for the ranking of the top 20 episodes, all scoring 100%. 

20. The episode where Khal Drogo pours boiling gold over Viserys Targaryen’s head was a hit.

When it happens: season one, episode six, “A Golden Crown.”

What happens: Viserys Targaryen has just told Drogo that if he doesn’t give him a way to win over the kingdoms, he’ll kill Daenerys’ unborn child. Drogo agrees to give Viserys the crown he wants, only in the form of molten gold, killing him almost instantly.

Sample critic review:If I haven’t been clear, ‘Game of Thrones’ is easily the most exciting show on TV right now.” – Blair Marnell, CraveOnline

19. Ned Stark’s beheading took critics by surprise.

When it happens: season one, episode nine, “Baelor.”

What happens: Ned is made to swear allegiance to Joffrey in front of the King’s Landing citizens. He does so, but Joffrey rescinds his promise of forgiveness and orders Ned’s beheading.

Sample critic review:Wha- what? Did they just- Really?! Oh my- you gotta be fu- WHAT?! Yes. They did. They really did it. And it was tragic and horrific and possibly unprecedented for a first-year TV show.” – James Hibberd, Entertainment Weekly

18. Samwell Tarly’s first episode made a splash.

When it happens: season one, episode four, “Cripples Bastards, and Broken Things.”

What happens: Sam seems pretty unsuited for the physical/mental labors of being a Night’s Watch member, and thus he’s mocked by all of his peers. But this episode sets the stage for his deep friendship with Jon Snow, who is one of the only people nice to him.

Sample critic review: “This show is proving increasingly adept at marrying subtle character development with addictive wham-bam plotting which makes it near impossible to resist getting carried along for the ride.” -Sarah Hughes, The Guardian

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