deanna jump
Kindergarten teacher Deanna Jump reached millionaire status by selling lesson plans online.
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Getting rich is a long-term game … for the most part.

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While your best bet to accumulate wealth is to curb your spending, start investing, and develop “rich habits,” there are some less conventional ways to make millions relatively quickly.

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Consider those who took advantage of social media and launched their own YouTube channel, like PewDiePie, or created a viral meme, such as the founder behind “I can has a cheezburger.” Some also got creative when starting their own retail business — one kindergarten teacher sold lesson plans online, one woman sold secondhand clothes on an app, and one college student sold pixels for advertising space online.

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There are plenty of means by which you can grow your bank account if you think outside of the box. No guarantees these strategies will work for you, but here are 11 creative ways people achieved millionaire status.

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Alyson Shontell and Kathleen Elkins contributed to a previous version of this article.


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