• Three suspects were apprehended in the case of the New Zealand mosque shooting on Friday.
  • One suspect is a man in his late twenties who was charged with murder, and will appear in court on Saturday.
  • One suspect is Australian born.
  • A man tweeted an anti-immigrant manifesto outlining the attack. 

Police in New Zealand have arrested three suspects over the fatal shooting of at least 49 people at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

Here is what we know about them:

  • One is a 28-year-old man, who has been charged with murder. He is due in court on Saturday.
  • Two others have been arrested. Police say they were both found with firearms near the scene of the shootings.
  • One of the suspects is Australian.
  • None of the suspects were known to police or security forces beforehand.
  • Police would not confirm whether the man charged with murder is Brenton Tarrant, an Australian under whose name a manifesto claiming responsibility was published online.
  • Police arrested a fourth person, but later said the arrest was “not related” to the shootings.
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New Zealand Police said on Twitter a 28-year old man has been charged with murder, and will appear in a Christchurch court on Saturday morning.

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“I know there is a name within the public domain but it would be improper for me to confirm that,” he said.

An anti-immigrant manifesto claiming responsibility was posted on Tarrant’s Twitter account ahead of the attack, the commissioner said. 

Tarrant’s Twitter account has now been suspended. So has his Facebook page. But in the 74-page document, Tarrant, an Australian, said the attack was meant to “create an atmosphere of fear” and “incite violence” against Muslims, The Guardian reported. 

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Tarrant’s former coworker Tracey Gray told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that he was a personal trainer in Australia. He is known to have travelled in Europe, Southeast Asia and East Asia, including to North Korea, she said. 

“I honestly can’t believe that somebody I have probably had daily dealings with and had shared conversations and interacted with would be capable of something to this extreme,” she told ABC. 

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