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  • Castries, St. Lucia, is the top trending winter vacation destination of the year, according to new data from travel search site Kayak.
  • The Caribbean city is popular for its proximity to picturesque beaches with white sandy shores and beautiful water.
  • Visitors can also pick up local goods and produce at the Castries Market or relax in the shade at Derek Walcott Square.

The Caribbean has always been a popular winter destination for winter vacations, and new data from travel site Kayak shows that interest in a winter Caribbean vacation is even higher than it has been in the past few years.

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According to Kayak, tourism took a dip after much of the Caribbean was hit hard during the 2017 hurricane season. Many of the affected cities have started to recover and rebuild, leading to renewed interest in travel.

Kayak says searches for Castries have recently spiked by 150%, making it the top trending winter vacation destination of the year. Its nearby picturesque beaches and unique architecture make it easy to see why it’s such an in-demand tourist destination.

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From bustling cruise ports to its proximity to serene beaches, these photos will have you dreaming of a vacation in Castries.

Castries is located in the northern region of the Caribbean island country of St. Lucia.

It is both the capital of and the largest city in St. Lucia.

Visitors traveling by plane will land in the George F.L. Charles Airport.

The airport is adjacent to Vigie Beach, which is a popular tourist spot.

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However, many people make a stop in Castries during a cruise.

Those taking a cruise will arrive at either La Place Carenage or the more spacious Pointe Seraphine. According to IQ Cruising, both ports exit right onto the main streets of Castries. Some smaller ships will sometimes arrive at the Industrial Port. 

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