forrest gump
“Forrest Gump.”

As the 2019 Academy Awards draw closer, it’s time to dive into the numbers and check out which of the best-picture winners are the biggest moneymakers of all time at the box office.

There are some obvious ones here, but thanks to inflation, there are a few titles that may surprise you.

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Looking forward, there’s only one title from this year’s crop of best-picture nominees that would instantly get thrust into this list if it won, Disney’s “Black Panther,” which earned over $700 million domestically. That would be quite a feat, as the most recent title on this list is 2003’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.”

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The 91st Academy Awards ceremony takes place on February 24.

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Here are the 15 top-grossing best picture winners that have made the most money at the box office.

Note: All box-office figures are domestic grosses only and include any earnings from rereleases. All figures are from Box Office Mojo.


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