Costco offers deals on travel, prescription drugs, and more.
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Like many consumers, I have something of a love-hate relationship with Costco. I’m still working through a lifetime supply of paper clips, and I rarely escape the warehouse store without at least $100 of items that weren’t on my shopping list.

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On the other hand, Costco offers top-quality products at fantastic prices, and some of those unplanned purchases have proved to be great buys. It wasn’t on my list, but I am glad I bought a truMedic InstaShiatsu Shoulder and Neck Massager— and Costco offered it at a great price.

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Consumer-savings expert Andrea Woroch said that she thinks a Costco membership can pay off, but it depends on your shopping style.

If all you want are the bales of toilet paper, you can do better shopping sales and using coupons. But, she said, there’s more to Costco than 12-packs of paper towels. Particularly for business owners and people with larger families, Costco can be a great place for bargains.

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Woroch shared some of her tips for getting the most out of your Costco membership.


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