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  • The Lifetime show “You” premiered in 2018, and was recently picked up by Netflix.
  • There are a number of pop culture references throughout the series, especially when it comes to books.
  • Stephen King and Owen King’s book, “Sleeping Beauties,” is featured at Joe’s bookstore, and asks the question of what would happen if women disappeared from the world.

Ever since the Lifetime show “You” was picked up by Netflix, people can’t get enough of it. It has suspense, plot twists, and large number of pop culture references that often pertain to the plotline or Joe’s character specifically.

So before season two airs, take a look at some of the literary and pop culture references scattered throughout “You” and how they add to the series.

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

Joe highly recommends Beck read the 1970 novel “Desperate Characters” by Paula Fox.

When Beck first comes into Joe’s bookstore, she’s looking at a Paula Fox novel, to which Joe recommends she read “Desperate Characters.” Beck says she’s worried it won’t live up to the hype but ends up buying it anyway.

“Desperate Characters” tells the story of a couple, Sophie and Otto, living in Brooklyn: After Sophie is bitten trying to feed a stray, a series of small disasters begin striking the couple, revealing the rifts in a marriage and society crumbling to pieces.

The book is later on her coffee table during a scene where she’s with Benji and Benji asks about the book. 


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Peach Salinger is a distant cousin of J.D. Salinger.

J.D. Salinger is most known for “Catcher in the Rye,” as well as “Franny and Zooey.”

A rude customer can be seen buying “Franny and Zooey” in episode one.

A rude customer can be seen buying “Franny and Zooey” from the bookstore in the first episode.“He’s just pissed he has to buy Salinger to feel respectable,” Joe’s internal monologue says over the scene. 

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His rudeness might just allude to Joe’s later impression of Peach, the author’s fictional descendant in the show. 

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