R. Kelly

  • For nearly the entire span of his decades-long career, allegations of sexual misconduct have followed singer R. Kelly.
  • Several celebrities have spoken out against Kelly, while other former collaborators and friends have remained silent.
  • Some of the accusations against Kelly include allegedly having a “sex cult” of young girls, allegedly abusing his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, and allegedly keeping a 14-year-old girl as his “pet.”
  • Kelly denies all the claims against him.

For much of his career, allegations of sexual misconduct have followed singer Robert Sylvester Kelly, also known as R. Kelly.

Recently, the accusations have culminated not only into a movement called #MuteRKelly, but also “Surviving R. Kelly,” a Lifetime documentary featuring his alleged victimsKelly has been accused of having a “sex cult” of young girls hostage in his home, abusing his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, and keeping a 14-year-old girl as his “pet.”

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Kelly has maintained his innocence, writing a song denying the claims and his lawyers have reportedly threatened legal action against Lifetime.

In the wake of these accusations, many are calling on celebrities who have collaborated with Kelly in the past to speak out. Here are 15 stars who have worked with Kelly and whether or not they’ve commented publicly on the allegations.

Chance the Rapper said making a song with R. Kelly was a mistake.

Chance the Rapper has had a long history of collaborating with R. Kelly, including bringing Kelly out onstage during a 2014 Lollapalooza performance, appearing in the background of Kelly’s “Backyard Party” music video in 2015, and even making a song together called “Somewhere in Paradise” that same year. 

In May 2018, Chance the Rapper expressed regret for working with Kelly. The rapper told Cassius’ Jamilah Lemieux that “making a song with R. Kelly was a mistake.” Weeks later, Chance the Rapper tweeted to clarify his comments, standing by the sentiment.

“I apologize to all of his survivors for working with him,” Chance the Rapper wrote.”And for taking this long to speak out.”

John Legend has taken a strong stand against Kelly.

Singer John Legend has been vocal about the allegations against Kelly for over a year, pledging support for the #TimesUp movement’s social media vow to #MuteRKelly. Kelly would later mention Legend in a song, accusing Legend by name of tearing him down.

Though Legend and his music production team have previously sampled Kelly’s music in his past songs, Legend now has no qualms about being one of the few artists to speak out in the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly.” Before his appearance, the singer tweeted that taking a stand “didn’t feel risky at all.” “I believe these women,” Legend wrote.

During his portion of the three-night special, Legend maintained his stance. “Time’s up for R. Kelly,” Legend said.

Omarion has vowed to stop playing Kelly’s music.

Singer Omarion is a member of B2K, a boy band whose roster includes songs written by R. Kelly. Currently, the band is on a reunion tour, but in light of the recent allegations, Omarion announced that they’d no longer be performing any songs written by Kelly after the tour’s conclusion.

Omarion tweeted that he “felt compelled” to voice his stance, despite not seeing “Surviving R. Kelly.”

“EVERYONE has to be RESPONSIBLE,” Omarion said.”Many have bared witness to the unthinkable and yet have remained silent.”

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