Patrick Braxton-Andrew Mexico missing killed by cartel.

Patrick Braxton-Andrew, the missing Spanish teacher from North Carolina was allegedly killed by the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico, authorities have confirmed.

According to Mexican authorities, the 34-year old teacher is believed to have been killed by a narco-trafficker from the cartel named Jose Noriel Portilo, popularly known as “El Cheuco”.

“Under the progress in the investigation, I can say that it was a cowardly and brutal murder, of a totally innocent person, a clean man whose misfortune was to cross paths with this rascal,” Javier Corral, the governor of Chihuahua posted on Facebook.

Patrick Braxton was last seen on October 28 when he left his hotel for walk in the small mountain mining village of Urique, about 450 miles southwest of Juárez.

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When he was reported missing alter on, a Facebook page was created to help in the search mission.

Later on, it was confirmed on the same page that Patrick was indeed dead. It was further reported that the search mission is underway in order to recover his body and the people behind the killing.

“Patrick died doing what he loved — traveling and meeting people. Join us in celebrating his life as he would want us to do,” read a post on the page.

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“We will always remember Patrick and his joy for life. We love you PBA.”

Patrick Braxton, a graduate of Davidson College in North Carolina was last seen in Urique, a town in the state of Chihuahua, an area known of drug cartel-related violence associated with conflicts over the control of drug production and illegal logging.

In 2016, the Mexican army established a new military police camp in an attempt to improve security in the mountain region.

Back in Davidson, Patrick Braxton’s hometown in North Carolina, the whole community is mourning the deceased. Flags flew at half-mast at Davidson’s town hall in honor of Patrick Braxton. In Woodlawn School where the departed taught Spanish, classes were canceled on Friday and provided counselors for grieving students and staff.

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Sandi Rosen-Wilson who taught alongside Patrick Braxton at Woodlawn told the press that she was sure his legacy will continue on.

“He had this ability to just make anybody who he was around feel like they were his number one,” she noted.

Braxton-Andrew’s family continues to thank the Chihuahua Governor and the Attorney General for their commitment to finding Patrick Braxton-Andrew.


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